As a result of the wildfires in California the last several years, many California homeowners have experienced non-renewal or cancellation of their fire and homeowner’s insurance policies. The State of California Insurance Commissioner has recently regulated a moratorium on such cancellations in defined high risk areas, but Carlsbad was not included in those regulations.

Board members have heard some anecdotal reports that owners in La Costa Oaks have had difficulty renewing their policies, being cancelled, or seeing drastic premium increases. The board is wondering if these are isolated cases or more widespread, and if widespread if there is anything the Association can or should do working with either the City of Carlsbad or the Center for Natural Lands Management to ameliorate the situation or find ways to increase the allowable “defensible space” around La Costa Oaks. So far we have only done remedial brush removal (fuel modification) in common area owned and controlled by the Association. We are forbidden from touching the publicly owned open spaces.

If you have had any personal experience with non-renewal, cancellation, forced change of carrier, enrollment in the California FAIR plan, big premium increases, etc. we would appreciate hearing about your experience. Would you please consider describing your experience in a brief written memo to the Association? You can email it to from an email address that does not identify you by name, or mail or hand deliver a written note to La Costa Oaks Clubhouse, 7400 Circulo Sequoia, Carlsbad, CA 92009.

Knowing your street name and whether your house backs up to open space would be helpful, but please do not include your name, specific address or other identifying information. It would be OK to name former, existing, or potential insurance companies which are part of your experience in La Costa Oaks.

Thank you,
Board of Directors