At the April 25th Board Meeting, the Board accepted the recommendation made by the Architectural Review Committee to create a time frame for owners to complete improvement projects. This rule change will be mailed out to all homeowners for the 30-day review and comment period.

In the Community Design Standards, Page 14, Procedural Standards, Section B. COnstruction, 1. Time Period, sub-section A, B, C will be added as stated below:

The new language is written in BLUE. Sub-section D, in BLACK already exists.

B. Construction

  1. Time Period
    1. All work shall be completed within six (6) months of Architectural Review Committee approval.
    2. Failure to complete work and submit the La Costa Oaks Notice of Completion Form within six (6) months will constitute an automatic violation of the Community Design Standards. Violations are subject to a violation hearing with the Board of Directors who may impose a fine and suspension of membership privileges.
    3. If a project is going to take longer than six (6) months, the owner must provide a request for an extension of the deadline at the time of application or at least one (1) month prior to the deadline. The Architectural Review Committee will review the request for extension and provide a response at their next regularly scheduled Review Meeting. The committee will have up to 45-days to respond to such request.
    4. Work shall be completed in the front yard within six (6) months of the first close of escrow and rear yard within one (1) year of the first close of escrow.

If you have questions or comments about this proposed new rule, please email prior to June 27th Board Meeting.