HOA Open House: Parkway Tree Replacement Project


Tuesday, October 24th | 5:00PM – 6:00PM
The Oaks Clubhouse | 7400 Circulo Sequoia

The Board of Directors, Landscape Committee, Management, Four Seasons Tree Care and Park West Landscape will be presenting the plan to remove and replace certain parkway trees in the community. The two species of trees that are targeted for removal and replacement are: London Plane Sycamores and Canary Island Pines.

La Costa Oaks Trees

Here’s the short story: The Canary Island Pines on Corte Altura and Corte Fortuna are being replaced for two reasons:

  1. These trees are root invasive and will lift the sidewalk concrete.
  2. Many are deformed and unattractive. They are not an appropriate tree for parkway strips.

The London Plane Sycamores (LPS) are also not a preferred species of tree for parkways. Many of them have already been removed and replaced. This phase of replacements will finish the work that has been started. LPS are deciduous and are leafless or brown 8 months of the year. As seen in the picture above, even when green, they are a poor quality tree with persistent Anthracnose Disease. Trees will be replaced with 24” box trees that are appropriate for parkways, non root invasive, low water use, proven winners for the San Diego region, evergreen, and low to non-littering. Replacement trees include: Metrosideros (New Zealand Christmas Tree), Sweet Bay Laurel, and Tristania Conferta (Brisbane Box).

PINK streets have Sycamores | BLUE streets have Pines.

Ave. Amapola, Ave. Diestro, Ave. Maravilla, Cadencia, Corte Aciano, Corte Altura, Corte Brezo, Corte Cereza, Corte Fortuna, Corte Fresa, Corte Manzana, Corte Romero, Corte Selva, La Costa Ave., Paseo Lupino, & Paseo Capuchina.

La Costa Oaks Tree Map 01
La Costa Oaks Tree Map 02
La Costa Oaks Tree Map 03

Later that evening, the Board of Directors will meet in Open Session to discuss homeowner comments and vote on implementing this plan.

SPLASH Pool Deck Reconstruction & Temporary Closure

Please be aware of this advance notice.  The concrete pool deck at the SPLASH is beginning to deteriorate much sooner than it should.  The Board has taken action to replace the pool deck with higher quality concrete and apply an appropriate sealer to ensure that the new deck does not have the same early failure issues. 

The Board recognizes that both of our pools get plenty of use, and with this in mind, they are recommending that this reconstruction work be completed between October 15 and December 15 this year.  During this time, the Oaks Club Pool will remain open and be available as usual.  The goals is to have the work done when the pool receives the least use and to have the pool re-opened prior to the Holidays. 

Landscape Master Plan

Landscape Icons

La Costa Oaks
Landscape Master Plan

The Landscape Committee along with the Board of Directors and Management have worked to evaluate the La Costa Oaks common areas and create a prioritized Master Plan to renovate the landscaping throughout the community. We have created a plan that will enhance the beauty of the community, balanced with sustainability and water-wise practices.

Below, you can click on the links to see the maps for South and North sections of La Costa Oaks with corresponding reference numbers. Those numbers can be found on the priority chart with location descriptions. We will continue to update the completed areas by filling in the green boxes.

All of the Priority 1 and Priority 2 items have been completed in the last four months. You will see that many areas of the community landscape have had major renovations and are growing in well. The Landscape Committee and Board of Directors will review the Priority 3 items later this year and determine the timeline for installation in 2018 or possibly advance the schedule and begin work in some of those areas in late 2017.

We have been able to create significant savings in our water bills and allocate these budgetary savings to accelerate the pace to complete these projects. We will continue to do our best to allocate additional resources to these projects as the Board is able to do so.

If you have any questions, please email me at: cweise@keystonepacific.com. We look forward to maintaining and enhancing the beauty of La Costa Oaks.

How to Report Urgent Issues!

We are in for another powerful storm this weekend. Strong winds will precede periods of heavy rains. So far, we have fared well with previous storms and have had no major issues with flooding or erosion. However, we did lose a few trees in the last big storm and can expect to see some damage with this storm. Below is a list of who to contact for various issues that arise.

How to Report Urgent Issues

  • To report flooding or blocked storm drains call the City of Carlsbad: (760) 931-2197 This line is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • For emergencies threatening public safety, property or the environment, immediately call 9-1-1.
  • For La Costa Oaks landscaped areas, slopes, parkways, parks, etc.

During Office Hours (760) 943-6650
After Hours (877) 577-6462 Follow the prompts and leave a detailed voicemail message. The on-call manager will take the necessary steps to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Helpful Links

City of Carlsbad, What to do during the storm?

Make a Plan: Ready.gov